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Handyman Montgomery

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What do we do?

At Handyman Montgomery, we provide a variety of services across the trades that will get your house feeling like a home again. Handyman Montgomery takes pride in fixing problems that are just too much for you as a homeowner. Your drywall is cracking and you need a patch. Your sink is leaking and you need a quick fix that will last. Your cabinet doors are outdated and you want that HGTV look. Maybe you just want a new vanity or toilet and you don’t feel like carrying them up the stairs. Let us do the heavy lifting and you can have that beautiful light fixture up in a day.

Do you feel like your house is falling apart?

Handyman Montgomery Broken House

Handyman Montgomery is here to help. We provide cross-trade skills from carpentry to drywall to basic plumbing and electric. If your problem isn’t listed here, text us and we will probably be able to fix it.

Text us here for the quickest solution.

Our team

Mike is our main handyman. He has been in the trades for years and has experience in framing, roofing, drywall, electrical, plumbing, and more. He provides quick solutions for all problems in your home. We have other handymen that specialize in flooring, carpentry, tile and more. Visit our partners at


At Handyman Montgomery, we provide a variety of services. We specialize in drywall patching and painting, flooring, hanging light fixtures, installing new toilets/vanities, fixing leaks, hanging new doors, trim work, installing fireplaces and more. Handyman Montgomery takes on the jobs that have been annoying you for a long time and need to be fixed quickly.

Call today and we will come out to asses your problem. 708-204-6955. Handyman Montgomery is in direct partnership with some of the best contractors in the area.